Wednesday October 7, 2015

Very long day since I decided to go back this afternoon.  BUT, too much going on to miss out! This morning was me, Dave, & Tara.  However, talk about team work even though Tara had to leave early to go to work. She’s so dedicated to do this every Wed, especially since Wed is suppose … Continue reading

Tuesday October 6. 2015

Busy, busy morning. Of course, so long as we’re not knee deep in baby bird poop, I can’t complain. I will. But I shouldn’t. Ok, on to the business of the day. Snowy owls need to put their whole faces down into the water in order to drink (picture their beaks and face) and so … Continue reading

Monday October 5, 2015

A busy Monday with a short (few in number, not stature) but efficient crew. Thanks to George, Jerry, and Lisa for working hard to get all the cleaning, medicating, and feeding done. Also a big thanks to Erin for taking over later in the afternoon. Intakes Brown Creeper (15-701) was picked up from Pet ER … Continue reading

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Grr…nearly late again. I need to start bringing my laptop with me to the clinic again instead of thinking I’ll remember to write this all up the instant I get home. Humans: Amanda, James, Jessica, John, Josh, Kari, Makenzie, Sonia (…so many J names…) Birds coming in: 0 Birds going out: 0 Additional notes: Leuco … Continue reading

Friday, October 2, 2015

Exciting day at the clinic with some dramatic changes: 1) Terry Tarner arrived with a truck and trailer, and with help from Gary Tidwell and his dad, and my able morning crew, got Mav’s mew onto the trailer, bought quail and rats, and off they zoomed to the Tarner’s garage. 2) This allowed a big … Continue reading

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quiet day with three volunteers and very little to report. There were no intakes, releases, transfers, expirations or euthanasias. There were no dramatic changes in the status of any of the birds since Tuesday. The plan to flight test the Goshawk at the flight center did not happen today, but the Goshawk is picking his … Continue reading