Friday, February 12, 2016

Volunteers: 5 in a.m., 1 in p.m. Intakes, transfers, expiration, euthanasias: -0- Released: White-winged crossbill at Valley of the Moon Park (where red crossbills have been seen recently) Procedures: medications to mallard and hairy woodpecker. The HAWO was victim of a cat attack and is still rather passive, but eating. He can stay in a … Continue reading

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Volunteers: 5 Intakes, releases, transfers, euthansias: none Procedures: metacam for the mallard & common redpoll The redpoll was moved to a small cage in the BB room for observation. (Very active) The WW Crossbill was moved to the MiniCC. Happy bird. Still in need for HBE and greens since I didn’t see Terry’s note until … Continue reading

Tuesday Feb.9th 2016

crew: 7 Intakes,procedures, releases, transfers, euthanized:none there is a core (common redpoll) in kennel, on clinic table, please don’t forget. Also BOOW flies very well after a brief time of freedom. need HBE & greens Terri

Monday February 8, 2016

Number of Volunteers: AM=7, PM=2 Releases: Bohemian Waxwing (16-264) was released near UAA near the area it was rescued after a window strike. Common Goldeneye (16-041) was released at Spenard Crossings with a group of other Goldeneyes. Procedures: Boreal Owl (15-715) was weighed (steady at 150g) and George tightened free standing “tree” perch. Sharp Shinned … Continue reading

Friday, February 5, 2016

Volunteers present: 5 in a.m. 1 in p.m. Intakes, releases, transfers, expirations, euthanasias: -0- Treatments: slurry tubing of goldeneye; new Aylmeris for Higgs Supplies needed: small nitrile gloves (I’ll be checking the DeBarr Costco) Comments: very quiet day. Washing machine euthanized and new one being acquired.

Wednesday February 3, 2016

Volunteers: 6 Intakes, Transfers, Euthansia: none Release: MAYBE, BOWA 16-264 Bev came in late am. We were discussing it so I’m not sure if she decided to definitely release or not after I left. If not, Thursday, release. Procedure: COGO, same routine with tube feedings. However, she ate all of the mix of salmon slurry/chunks, … Continue reading